Intellectual Formation

The purpose of the Academic Program is to implement the academic aspects of the Program of Priestly Formation, which are necessary for St. John Vianney College Seminary to fulfill its goals and, thereby, its mission.

This means that the Program must offer the necessary elements to allow its graduates to earn a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy; or in the case of its pre-theologians, the necessary foundation in philosophy and theology for graduate studies in theology.

In order to accomplish this, the Academic Program establishes for itself the objective of forming 
seminarians in light of the following goals: 
     1.  Students who are well-grounded in the humanities.
     2.  Students who possess critical thinking skills which will enable them to analyze problems in an everyday context as well as in an academic context.
     3.  Students who develop an appreciation and respect for the value of learning and truth.
     4.  Students whose philosophical formation prepares them for theological studies at the graduate level.
     5.  Students whose undergraduate theological studies prepare them for graduate theological studies.

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