Student Achievement Goals and Outcomes

As stated by the Institutional Mission, “the fundamental purpose of St. John Vianney College Seminary is to provide undergraduate and graduate education and formation to those students whose stated objective is to discern a call to serve the Catholic Church as priests. The institution assumes, as its specific responsibility, the academic, spiritual, pastoral and human formation of college seminarians within a bilingual (English-Spanish) and multicultural setting.The college seminary is also committed to provide academic opportunities, both on campus and online, for laity and others who may be enriched by its services.” 

 The institution identifies multiple goals and measures to document student achievement. The goals of student achievement for its traditional, undergraduate and graduate programs are(1) the completion of the degree and (2) the readiness of the graduates to undertake the next stage of their vocational journey. The goals of student achievement for its online graduate programs in philosophy and theology are (1) the completion of the degree, and (3) the level of satisfaction of the students in the program.

The IPEDS graduation rate at 150% Standard Time is used to measure student achievement as identified in goal 1:

 Graduation Rate from 2017 to 2021.

The Assessment of the Theologate Faculty from St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary is used to measure students’ achievement as identified in goal 2:

 Theologate Faculty Survey

 The Online Student Satisfaction Survey  is used to measure student achievement as identified in goal 3:

 Online Students Satisfaction Survey

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