Dr. Graciela M. Anrrich
Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes
B.A., M.A., Florida International University
Ph.D., Georgetown University

Prof. Amanda Leticia Bueso
Instructor in English for Academic Purposes/English
B.A., University of Maryland
TESOL Certified

Dr. María Messulam
Lecturer in Spanish
B.A., LLB, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello
M.A., Ph.D., Florida International University

Dr. María Margarita Nodarse
Lecturer in Spanish
B.A., College of the Sacred Heart
M.A., Ph.D., University of Miami

Prof. Barbara Redondo, M.A.
Assistant Professor in English for Academic Purposes
B.A., University of Miami
M.A., Florida International University

Prof. Josephus Van Keeken, M.A.
Assistant Professor in Latin
Doctorandus, Utrecht University
M.A., University of Miami


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