Human Formation

The Human Formation Program of St. John Vianney College Seminary is intended to nurture, in the seminarians of the institution, the basic human qualities necessary for life in the ministerial priesthood of the Church. This program is designed in keeping with the norms established by the Program of Priestly Formation of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: “Candidates to the priesthood must give evidence of an overall personal balance, moral character, and proper motivation. This includes the requisite human, moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and psychological qualities for priestly ministry.” (PPF #5). The Human Formation Program thus 
exists to empower seminarians to become mature, balanced men who can effectively exercise ministerial leadership in the midst of a diversified Church.

     In order to achieve this purpose, the Human Formation Program sets for itself the objective of forming seminarians in light of the following goals:
          1.  Seminarians who display emotional and psychological maturity.
          2.  Seminarians who demonstrate a healthy balance in their lives.
          3.  Seminarians who evidence  openness to diversity.
          4.  Seminarians who demonstrate leadership.

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