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Christ at the Center of Our Life

At the heart of seminary formation is not an idea, an ideal, purpose, aspiration or plan, no matter how lofty or noble.

At the heart of formation is a person, and His name is Jesus.

He is at the center of everything a seminarian does, everything a seminarian is, everything a seminarian aspires to become.

At the heart of formation at St. John Vianney is something very simple: putting Jesus at the center of everything we do, everything that we are, everything we would like to be; all else is secondary.

Seminary Formation
Propaedeutic and Discipleship level seminary formation is all about laying strong and lasting foundations.
At Saint John Vianney College Seminary, that is what we do.

Language Programs for Seminarians
Fully Bilingual, Truly Multicultural


English for Academic Purposes



Spanish as a Second Language



Accent Reduction Program



Spanish Immersion Program


Summer Language Institute for Seminarians
Summer 2024

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