Our New Language Program Overview

Based in a primarily Hispanic, multicultural setting, St. John Vianney College Seminary is set to soon offer its seminarians the possibility of participating in three unique language programs, each geared towards gaining proficiency in both English or Spanish in order to equip them for future ministry in a society whose character is fast becoming one of diversity. St. John Vianney Seminary is currently reorganizing its language faculty and updating its speech lab in order to provide enhanced ESL (English as a Second Language), SSL (Spanish as a Second Language), and ARP (Accent-Reduction) Programs.  


 English as A second language  

The seminary's ESL program assists Spanish-speaking students in developing skills in English speech, comprehension, grammar, and writing. The program is designed to help students whose native language is not English gain social and academic fluency in English.

In addition to systematic, traditional approaches, the program emphasizes conversation, immersion and other techniques to stimulate the language learning environment and prepare students to participate in mainstream content instruction.



Spanish as A second language

The Seminary's SSL Program aims to assist English-speaking students with the necessary skills to learn, understand, speak and write in Spanish.


Accent-Reduction program

The Seminary's Accent Reduction Program is for seminarians who have either completed the ESL Program or who have come to the United States with a sufficient knowledge and command of English but require assistance in improving their oral communication skills. The program likewise welcomes clergy who come from foreign countries but who are now serving in a diocese in the United States and whose bishop would like them to improve their oral communication skills for the sake of their ministry (of preaching) in a predominantly English speaking parish.