About Campus:

Library and Administration Building

     As one of the newer additions to St. John Vianney College Seminary, the Library and Administration Building sits near the front entrance of campus. A breezeway splits the building into two separate parts: to the south, the Administration wing; to the north, the Maytag Memorial Library.
     When visiting St. John Vianney College Seminary, guests are encouraged to stop by the Administration Building to check-in with the office manager at the front desk. The Rector, Vice-rector, Academic Dean, and Controller all have offices within this building.
     Opposite the Administration Building, the Maytag Memorial Library became a reality in 1983 thanks to the generosity of many benefactors, including Mary Louise Maytag. The first floor features a periodicals section, updated daily with the latest editions of dozens of publications. A computer work station with 6 machines also sits within the periodicals section. Book stacks fill a portion of the first and the entirety of the second floor. In the middle of the second floor, desks and tables create a positive study environment for students.
     The Maytag Memorial Library also boasts one of the largest collections of paintings by Jehan Georges Vibert in the world--these priceless original paintings decorate the walls of both floors. The series concentrates on the corruption of 19th century Catholic Church in France, giving the seminarians a partly-humorous but still realistic reminder of how not to act after ordination to the priesthood.

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