About Campus:

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ARCHBISHOP Carroll Building

Named for the first Archbishop of Miami, the Coleman Carroll Building has existed since the founding of the seminary in 1959. The Carroll Building houses 4 classrooms on its first floor in addition to SPIRITUAL DIRECTION ROOMS, A MEDIA CENTER AND the seminary's fitness room.

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Also on the first floor, the Bishop john Noonan Community Room provides seminarians WITH a lounge to relax, complete with FOOSBALL, Ping Pong, and pool tables. A small kitchen sits adjacent to the Community Room. Across the hall, the Cinema Room is the perfect place to watch a movie with friends.

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Moving upstairs to the second floor, the Carroll Building has 35 student dormitories--the majority of collegiate students live on this floor. Seminarians bunk two-to-a-room, with a sink and A/C unit in each room. Seminarians share two large communal bathrooms in the middle of this floor. At the far end of the second floor, the Holy Family Chapel gives a quiet respite from the business of daily life at the seminary; opposite the Chapel, a fully-equiped laundry room serves the seminarians needs.

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